Loadtec Engineered Systems Ltd is the exclusive technical distributor for fall prevention systems and high quality fluid transfer. We also specialise in bulk fluid transfer and operator safety during in-plant, road, rail and IBC filling operations.

Loadtec provide an inclusive concept to commissioning package for loading arms, fall prevention systems, marine arms and gangways, meter skids, blending skids, storage tank equipment, earthing systems, dry-disconnect and breakaway couplings.

Loadtec is a leader in the field of packaged solutions and combines high quality manufacturing with the widest available portfolio to give customers assurance of quality and integrity. Our products include the Zip-Load Loading Systems range in collaboration with Zipfluid Srl.

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Ticked All the Boxes

"When we found out that our local terminal was closing down we needed a simple loading solution to keep our operation going. Last summer, we told Loadtec our challenge and they came back to us with a solution that ticked all the boxes. They were flexible when we wanted to tweak the specification then worked closely with us to ensure smooth delivery and installation before Christmas."

Stu IllingworthController, Supply Manager - Northern Energy

Safer and More Accessible

"This is Ronny Matleano working in Saudi Electric Company and we have a new portable ladder for inspecting the empty tanker which deliver from Aramco to here and I have found out that it is very comfortable than rather going to the tanker's ladder. We climb it up and going down is so very dangerous situation. It was delivered now today, only today, and we found out this is more safer and more accessible to the tanker inspections if they are empty. Always be a safer condition for working, that's all. Thank you so much for the Carbis ladder... Now I will demonstrate to you..."

Roneleo MatleanoController, Diesel Station - Duba Power Plant / Saudi Electric Company (Saudi Arabia)

A Positive Addition to our Assets

"We have used the Loadtec Multi-Modal unit for over 10 years without significant incident and with minimal maintenance effort and cost. It has proved to be a positive addition to our assets."

Phil ParrySite Manager - Llanelli Plant (UK)

A Complete Solution

"I was happy with Loadtec as they delivered a complete solution which met all of our needs. The project went smoothly; it was all on time. When we started looking at the options, the range of solutions went from one extreme to the other… Having a hybrid solution met all our needs without breaking the bank."

Jim ParkGeneral Manager, New Britain Oils

A good reference for a safety system

"The Carbis Fall Protection System [a track-mounted gangway system] works well and is actually used for access onto trucks that are not unloading at this station. Drivers go there voluntarily to open ventilation and then drive from there to their unloading spot rather than attempting to climb their own access ladders. A good reference for a safety system is if it is used even without people being pushed, as all people tend to like shortcuts."

Johan AxbyProject Engineer, Dow Svierge (Norrkoping site)

A unique solution

"When designing our new load out bay, we wanted to address both the food safety aspects of loading bulk food tankers and the inherent safety issues that come with top loading. With the supply of the loading arms and the [Carbis] tanker enclosure systems, Loadtec were able to develop a unique solution to meet our and our customers' food safety requirements as well as being able to ensure the safety of our employees."

Jim ParkOperations Manager, New Britain Oils Ltd

Performing well on site

"The [Carbis mobile access] cart is performing well on site for us and operations have not raised any issues with its use. It has proved easy to manoeuvre and has provided us with a safe and stable means of gaining access to the top of the tankers. From a maintenance point of view it is also performing well with no repairs having to be carried out to date."

Alan HesselberthConocoPhillips UK


Tank Storage Awards Winner 2017
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This is a Zip-Load top loading arm with telescopic drop pipe, custom designed and made control system with integrated flow meter and control valve for a pharmaceutical customer.

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Loadtec News

Tank Storage Award Winners 2017

Tank Storage Magazine highlights industry leaders at 2017 Global Tank Storage Awards

Loadtec announced as Best Technology Provided category award winner at the inaugural Global Tank Storage Awards ceremony held last week during StocExpo Europe in Rotterdam. The sold-out ceremony & gala dinner took place at the stunning Floating Pavilion on 29th March.
Loadtec Zip-Load Integrated Meter Skid Atex Control System & Telescopic Top Loading Arm

The Loading Arm: An Evolution in Safety

The oil and gas industry is sometimes seen as something from the Jurassic age, much like the products it deals with, an industry where innovation and development lags behind the superfast digital age. Is this perception true? Alec Keeler, managing director of Loadtec Engineered Systems, begs to differ.
Loadtec TC-10 Mobile Access Cart - Two Side by Side

TC-10 Mobile Access Cart: Product Presentation

This is a product presentation on the TC-10, or more commonly known as the Mobile Access Cart. It allows safe tanker access, it is also versatile, robust, can be used in all-weather conditions and only requires one man or woman to operate.