Training in Bologna 2016 -Loadtec Training Day

Loadtec Safety Presentation

This presentation entitled 'Safe?' was created by Alec Keeler, Managing Director of Loadtec Engineered Systems Ltd, and presented during the Training Event held in the Zip-Load factory in Bologna, Italy, in July 2016. In this presentation, Alec uses images gathered around the world in his job advising on safe tanker access and fall prevention to show just […]

The Loadtec, Zipfluid and Carbis teams at StocExpo 2016

Brexit: Keep Calm and Carry On

Well, what a week and don’t even get me started on the football. Without taking this down a political route and whatever your viewpoint, the UK seems to be entering a period of political and economic uncertainty. Market speculators are causing stocks and exchange rates to fluctuate widely and as a consequence, other countries may […]

Loadtec can provide maintenance services

Watch video of Loadtec Service Team in Ireland

Yesterday the Loadtec Service team were in Ireland, conducting routine maintenance on some unloading arms we supplied to a pharmaceutical client. Taking advantage of the bright sunny weather, they decided to demonstrate the ease of use and handling of our bottom unloading arm. This is a 3” stainless steel arm with six high integrity swivel […]

Medway Rovers FC Football Team wearing Loadtec Kits

Go Rovers, go!

On a sunny spring day on Saturday 14 May 2016, Loadtec Engineered Systems Ltd made company history by sponsoring Medway Rovers FC youth football schools, starting what we hope will be an ongoing relationship with a local football club. Loadtec’s involvement with Medway Rovers FC was instigated by one of their Sales engineers, Alex Bolden. […]

Loadtec Zip-Load Rail Wagon Tank Access System in the Middle East

Key Strategies to Building Safe and Efficient Rail Car Operations

Rail operations are increasing around the world as manufacturers and logistics operators seek more sustainable and efficient ways of moving bulk liquid from its place of manufacturing to the end users. The loading and unloading of rail cars can present a number of safety challenges. Developing and implementing bulk fluid transfer systems in conjunction with […]

Loadtec MD Alec Keeler presenting to guests in Eden Hall, Singapore

Alec Keeler Announced as Chair for Tank World Expo 2016 Conference

Managing Director of Loadtec Engineered Systems, Alec Keeler, has just been announced as the Chair for the afternoon sessions of the two-day conference programme happening within the Tank World Expo 2016 happening in Dubai on 12-13 April. The conference programme will feature 18 leading industry figures from organisations such as The UAE Ministry of Energy, […]

The Loadtec, Zipfluid and Carbis teams at StocExpo 2016

A Show Success

It's been exactly a week since StocExpo 2016 kicked off in style in Antwerp, Belgium. Since then, much has happened including the awful atrocities in the neighbouring Belgian capital of Brussels and our heartfelt condolences GO to the families of victims caught up in the airport and metro attacks. It's always hard to qualify how […]