Loadtec Zip-Load LPG Arms - Front View in Factory

Hoses Versus Loading Arms

In today's world of increasing legislation on manual handling and environmental pressures on spill prevention, the question should be why are operators STILL using hoses as a means of transporting bulk liquids from storage into tankers and vice versa. Sure, a hose is cheaper to purchase, or that's how it looks on the surface... However, […]

Loadtec Zip-Load Rail Wagon Tank Access System in the Middle East

Why choose one provider (for your loading arm and access equipment needs)?

Happy 2016! As we hurtle into another, what looks like, a busy year for Loadtec Engineered Systems Ltd, sometimes it is good for us to take a step back and think about why we are in the business we are in and why it is booming. So, let’s consider why it is so important for […]

Loadtec visits the Righini Museum in Bologna which houses this vintage Ferrari car

An unusual FAT…

In early September Loadtec welcomed two engineers from a well-known pharmaceutical brand to the Zip-Load factory for a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for their two stainless steel pneumatic top loading arms, two stainless steel bottom loading arms and four folding stairs. The visit was scheduled to last one day (an afternoon and the following morning) […]

The Loadtec team at the Tank Storage Association Conference and Exhibition 2015 in Coventry, UK

Why we attend conferences and trade exhibitions

Loadtec celebrates twenty years in the business at the end of next year (if you want an invite to our celebrations, best get in touch now!). Until a few years ago, Loadtec did not attend many industry events. We were happy to be known through advertising, word-of-mouth and customer recommendations. So what has changed? Brand […]