Loadtec Zip-Load Integrated Meter Skid Atex Control System & Telescopic Top Loading Arm

The Loading Arm: An Evolution in Safety

The oil and gas industry is sometimes seen as something from the Jurassic age, much like the products it deals with, an industry where innovation and development lags behind the superfast digital age. Is this perception true? Alec Keeler, managing director of Loadtec Engineered Systems, begs to differ.

Loadtec Skid Load System - Single loading arm, pumping, metering and overfill protection, in container - UK

How Low Can You Go?

Alec Keeler is clearly the creative force behind Loadtec. He’s an ideas man with more than 30 years’ experience in the fluid transfer and fall prevention industry. He loves solving problems, even some that haven’t been encountered yet. We found out how he and the team at Loadtec delivered a solution to an extreme challenge.

Loadtec Six Swivel Bottom Unloading Arm with Emergency Release Coupler - Limerick, Ireland

Fully Loaded

This article has been reproduced from Hazardous Cargo Magazine November 2016 issue. Tanker Loading • Alec Keeler, Managing Director of Loadtec Engineered Systems, asks whether anything has really changed in 20 years Everything changes … or does it? Assumptions are made every day in business and one of those is that, as technology advances, our world becomes safer. […]

Loadtec Agent Distributor Conference in Bologna, Italy, July 2016

Investing in Safe Access and Loading Arms Best Practice

This article has been reproduced from Tank Storage Magazine August/September 2016 issue. Loadtec Engineered Systems’ first distributor training event in Italy provided a comprehensive overview of the nuances of the safe access and loading arms industry. Tank Storage Magazine was invited along to gain a greater understanding of the company’s operations. Continued and long-term investment in education […]

Loadtec Large Cage Safety Solution

Working at height

This article has been reproduced from Tank Cleaning Spring 2016 issue. The tank container industry with some 450,000 tank containers in operation puts special emphasis on health, safety, quality and protection of the environment. However, the industry is full of risks Working at height remains one of the prevalent causes of fatalities and major injuries. Common cases […]

Loadtec Skid Load System - Single loading arm, pumping, metering and overfill protection, in container - UK

Loadtec introduces new Skid Load Systems

This article has been reproduced from Downstream Spring 2016 issue. Downstream is the official publication of the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS). Loadtec Engineered Systems Ltd has introduced their new Skid Load Systems to the UK market. They have just supplied a skid load system consisting of a loading skid and hose loading arm, mounted in a shipping container, […]

Loadtec's Managing Director Alec Keeler (L) welcomes Martin Dicke-Künitz to the company

A shot in the loading arm

This article has been reproduced from Storage Terminals magazine (www.storageterminalsmag.com) Spring 2016 issue. Loadtec appointment seen as boosting its marine loading arms business UK bulk fluids handling and fall prevention systems company Loadtec has appointed Martin Dicke-Künitz in a strategic role in the marine loading arms, ports and technology sector. In this role Dicke-Künitz will oversee Loadtec’s marketing, […]