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Loading with zip

This article is reproduced with permission from HCB Live (www.hcblive.com). It was first published in HCB Monthly May 2015 issue.

UK-based Loadtec is expanding its offering through new agreements with a European supplier and new marine loading arms

Loadtec Engineered Systems and Zipfluid have established a new brand, Zip-Load, to supply loading arms for road tankers and rail tank cars. The move is an important step for UK-based Loadtec, which for many years has packaged solutions for its clients using products from different manufacturers.

Loadtec says it has become increasingly aware that some of its suppliers have been driven primarily by corporate targets, shareholder demands and short-term monetary gain, sometimes at the expense of the end customer. The company feels that by partnering with a privately held company, managed by like-minded individuals, the Zip-Load brand will be able to deliver better customer care initiatives.

“Zip-Load was born from a desire of both companies to provide excellence in design and manufacture to a wide audience who are tired of working with suppliers constrained by corporate handcuffs,” says Loadtec. “Our customers want suppliers who will give them the time to listen and understand their issues, develop schemes and proposals that meet their technical and financial constraints, and deliver long lasting, innovative solutions.”

Loadtec also feels that Zipfluid, based in Bologna, Italy, represents the perfect partner in this collaboration. “Zipfluid has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the heart of industrial Europe. They are focused on the development and manufacture of a wide range of fluid transfer systems to handle all liquids and have a team of engineers and production staff with long and successful histories in the loading arm business,” Loadtec observes.

The idea behind Zip-Load is that Loadtec, with 18 years of experience of its customers’ requirements, can have input on the design and manufacture of the products that Zipfluid will manufacture for its clients and can help shape the evolution of those products in each of the markets it serves.

To the jetty

In another bold move, Loadtec is moving into the marine loading arm business for the first time, with its own brand of equipment manufactured by an experienced third party.

"I started Loadtec in 1996 and I have been frustrated by what I saw as a real gap in the market for an inclusive service that would allow us to design, supply and commission packages for liquid handling solutions,” says managing director Alec Keeler.

“In the almost two decades since, Loadtec has grown to become one of the most trusted suppliers in the industry for loading arms, tanker access and fall prevention systems amongst other services such as meter skid solutions and even terminal automation packages.

"We are very excited to be working exclusively with an innovative and reliable manufacturing partner to provide the best and most competitively priced marine loading arms in the market today. Given the distinguished histories of our companies, we can guarantee that we will be able to supply according to your budget and requirements, the safest and most efficient marine loadings arms for your terminal or depot needs."

HCB Monthly May 2015 Loading with Zip Article