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Loadtec Service LogoWe Service Loading Arms and Associated Equipment

Loadtec Service Limited is an efficient, modern and fully equipped service company specialising in road, rail and marine loading arms, safety access equipment and ancillary equipment. Our service engineers and technicians have undergone the regulatory safety training to work in all on-shore environments.

With a combined experience of 259 years of providing loading arms and fall prevention in the bulk fluid industry, Loadtec Service and our partner company In Control Projects offer a wide range of skills to all industries - aviation, bulk fuels, cement, chemicals, fertiliser, food & drink, spirits, LPG, marine and pharmaceutical.

Safety training for relevant staff includes the following: Rope Access; Safety Recovery with Rope Access; Mobile Elevated Platform Training; Parker Hydraulic Instrument Training; Key Account Management; CCNSG Health and Safety Passport; IPAF and Working at Height Training.

Loadtec Service Team in Action

Peter Tilbury

Peter Tilbury

Service Manager

Julian Knapp

Julian Knapp

Operations Director
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In Control Service is majority-owned by Loadtec  and specialises in the repair and service of petroleum loading arms. We are based in Basildon, Essex, where we assemble and test hoses and carry out repairs to loading equipment. We also offer a competitively priced and efficient nationwide depot maintenance service with our fully equipped vans.

We hold extensive stocks of spare parts and are able to provide a prompt after sales spares service for many leading manufacturers including Loadtec, Emco, Kanon, Silea, Liquip, OPW, Fort Vale and TCS.

We offer a prompt and reliable service and can meet tight schedules, including ‘out-of-hours’ working. All repair and maintenance work is guaranteed for six months. We can assist with rationalisation projects and can re-locate existing equipment to new sites.

Lifetime Care

In the downstream bulk fluid business, the purchaser of the capital equipment is often not around when the goods are one or two years into service. Centralised purchasing, engineering house or third party purchasing all detach the equipment supplier from the client and the promises and obligations are forgotten or not even passed on.

It is important for offers of “lifetime support” or “life partner” to be fully realised by the customer and the providing supplier. That is why Loadtec has taken a long hard look at the installation; commissioning, maintenance, spares and breakdown services that are on offer.

Loadtec wants to take the extra step of providing their clients with guarantees of assurance. That sounds like a strange term, but it sets out to avoid platitudes and provides contractual obligation between the supplier and purchaser for the lifetime of the equipment (which could be considerably longer if correctly maintained).

What’s the Problem?

We hear so many stories about service teams that do not meet customer expectations, rip off the client for spares and fail to arrive when promised. Some are poorly prepared, have little or no knowledge of the equipment to be serviced or, through poor communication, have assumed plant availability that just isn’t there.

This didn’t happen in the days of telex and fax, so why, in 2016, is it happening now?

Most of the major providers of marine arms and tanker loading arms are smaller divisions of massive conglomerates. They have strict and tough budgets to achieve and their goal, naturally, is to achieve them by the easiest way possible. Couple this to a current trend for mega volume tank farms with suitable import export facilities and you have the perfect recipe to win large potential contracts that will go a big way to meeting that year’s budget.

Service, by contrast, is a much smaller scale activity that is based on recovered hours and spares. It is labour-intensive, requires a high level of management coordination and risk. The risk comes from the technician working at height, over water, with noxious chemicals and in flammable zones.

Consequentially, these companies don’t feel they are getting fiscal return from their service department and become tempted to sub-contract the facility or underfund/underman it to the point where commitments cannot meet the customer’s perception of satisfaction. Or, to partially fund the service activity, huge margins are put onto bought in spares.

This does two things. Firstly, the customer is not intellectually inferior. He knows what things cost. So buying in a length of standard hydraulic hose and then charging a massive mark up, is going to alienate him and cause a distrust between the customer and supplier. And is it worth it? For a few dollars? Of course not. But the supplier has fiscal rules and constraints and they have to be met. So, is that the way it is and there’s nothing that can be done? No. Emphatically NO!

Competitive Professional Aftercare Service

Loadtec have brought together an international team of engineers and after market professionals with the aim of providing the best and most comprehensive service team around to form Loadtec Service Ltd. We have experience of working on all types of road, rail and marine loading and access systems; are fully equipped & certified and, most importantly, have a deep understanding of what customers want.

Loadtec Service aims to provide “Cradle-to-Grave” “Lifetime Care” and “Assured Support” to your new purchases and existing systems without extortionate hourly rates and spares prices. The customer will have complete trust in our ability to give a low life cost for his systems.

After Market Road, Rail and Marine Service Including Refurbishment

Also on offer is an After Market Service package which is tailored on the same basis as the capital package but the first service (obviously without installation and commissioning) will be extensive to ensure that there are no fundamental issues or neglect that will manifest itself at a later time. Spares used during the first service will be charged fairly. Clients who bought the capital package can continue on expiry of their package using the after-market packages.

Systems that operate in corrosive or coastal areas, may, from time to time require complete strip-down overhaul. We will provide a detailed inspection report with a quotation for a turnkey refurbishment. This would restore your equipment to as new status and greatly extend the life of the equipment.

On older jetties or platforms that have been in use for over 30 or 50 years, there is often a need to undertake a survey of the topside, sub-sea and geological factors to establish the remaining life of the structure and whether refurbishment needs to extend further. Loadtec is able to provide those facilities and work with our clients to make sure that shipping logistics are inconvenienced as little as possible.