Loadtec Skid Load System - Single loading arm, pumping, metering and overfill protection, in container - UK

Loadtec introduces new Skid Load Systems

This article has been reproduced from Downstream Spring 2016 issue. Downstream is the official publication of the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS).

Loadtec Engineered Systems Ltd has introduced their new Skid Load Systems to the UK market.

They have just supplied a skid load system consisting of a loading skid and hose loading arm, mounted in a shipping container, into the UK market.

 Jonathan Wiltshire, regional sales manager for Loadtec, explained the concept: “Our client, Northern Energy, wanted to not just buy the equipment but also wanted the opportunity to protect and move their asset if it wasn’t working for them geographically. The solution was perfect for their requirements. We took a single loading arm, with the facility to add a second product line; added in the pumping, metering and overfill protection equipment as required, and constructed it within the container.”

Northern Energy will now be able to move their asset within two hours through the simple process of disconnecting the power supply, disabling the product supply and simply moving it onto a flatbed truck and transporting it to the next location where it is needed – hence the Skid Load tag. Archetypal downstream authorised distributors like Northern Energy are best placed to take advantage of this low-cost flexible method of protecting and moving their company assets in the UK.

Stu Illingworth, supply manager from Northern Energy, spoke about his experience of working with Loadtec: “When we found out that our local terminal was closing down, we needed a simple loading solution to keep our operation going. We told Loadtec our challenge and they came back to us with a solution that ticked all the boxes.”

Loadtec’s Skid Load systems are not limited to the UK market. Loadtec has already supplied a similar, more complex system, which included a top and bottom loading arm and a tanker access platform that works off the top of the container for a site in Russia.

Downstream Spring 2016 Loadtec Skid Load Systems Page 30 (PDF)